What’s going on here?

Lately I’ve been working on pixel-addressable LED strips. Those are just strips of LEDs that can be individually controlled, usually with three little LEDs (red, green, and blue) for each pixel. They have a tiny integrated circuit for each one and you use something like an Arduino controller to sent them their color values and thus display cool artistic effects.

Basic pixel-addressable LEDs

The mass market just buys kinda ugly Christmas tree lights at the local hardware store which have been preprogrammed in a factory in China to do boring things with colors that seem logical to a programmer but look bright blue because most RGB colors, when chosen at random, look kinda blue. What I’m trying to do is build things that look unique and original.

This blog is not really intended for mass consumption. It’s not going to be very interesting unless you, too, are working on pixel-addressable LED strips and trying to get them to be fast and amazing!